Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Roundup

It's Monday morning, that must mean a weekend just happened. It was my first non-student Princeton weekend, and it was jam-packed. Here are the highlights:
  • Saw the new movie "UP" and thought it was great. Very clever, very funny and very well told. Highly recommended.
  • Delicious dinner a little ways down the street followed by helping people move in.
  • Went to a farmer's market and bought some fresh veggies and apples.
  • Bought new xaphoon reeds.
  • Assembled new patio furniture and lounged out on the front lawn.
Overall a success. Despite the suggestions to trek into the city for the Puerto Rico day parade, we hung out around the house and around town, enjoyed some great cooking, and played jazz. What adventures await us this week?

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