Friday, June 5, 2009

New Quinnipiac Bridge?

For those of you who have ever driven through I-95 near New Haven, this will be big news for you. And if have driven through and don't remember, it's probably because you blocked out the memory since it was a traumatizing experience.

It turns out they've made progress on the new Quinnipiac Bridge project. They've gotten a low bidder and are starting on the final paperwork:
"The DOT has 60 days to formally award the contract. According to the agency, construction is scheduled to begin in January and to be finished June 30, 2015.

Before the project is formally awarded, “There’s a whole stack of documents the apparent low bidder has to put in ... it’s an endless list,” said Brian Mercure, assistant district engineer who is overseeing the entire New Haven Harbor highway project."
It's great that they've come this far, but those of us from the New Haven area can't help but be skeptical. But maybe there's hope, after seeing the fantastic work done with the new lanes and bridges just north of the existing bridge until about Exit 53.

Here's the New Haven Register's story:

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  1. If the contract is formalized, it will surely take 15 years to finish the new bridge. Once it's finished, they will say it's time for a new bridge. It's a vicious cycle.