Sunday, June 7, 2009

Settled in!

The thing about packing is that it's always followed by unpacking. Sometimes, unpacking doesn't happen for a few days, weeks, or in one friend's case, a few months. Here's a general idea of how packing usually goes:

PHASE 1: Get everything out of the car. Getting stuff home this time, I'm still unsure how it all fit into my grandfather's Ford Escape in the first place.

PHASE 2: Dump everything into a secure location. Below is a photograph of what my bedroom looked like after unloading.

PHASE 3: Ignore everything for at LEAST a day.

PHASE 4: Sort, clean, reorganize, and get it all back into the car.

After competing all 4 stages, I am now happily settled into my house back in Princeton, with a short 2-minute (or less walk) to the Office of Communications on Chambers Street. With Mom's help, we were down here by 11AM and all unloaded soon after that. The landlady is still around dealing with some plumbing and cleaning issues.

Tomorrow starts my first day of work, and I'm anxious and excited to see what adventures await...

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  1. haha, your room looks so clean now. BUT, where is 5 straight?????