Thursday, June 4, 2009

Out of the Bubble...for the moment

As a hopeful youth, I had grand visions of my future. They might have been vague, half-formed, lofty and unspecific, but I always assumed that I would graduate college and embark upon a bustling career, whatever it might be.

I never would have believed that I wouldn't actually LEAVE college after graduation. I would have laughed in your face if you had told me this, calling you silly and closed-minded, probably accusing you of "not really knowing me." Yet this summer—on Monday, June 8, to be precise—I'm going to be working as a Design Assistant at Princeton University's Office of Communications. The OoC handles all of the official design work for the university, as well as the school's press releases and graphic identity/licensing.

Wait...did you catch that? This is Princeton's Office of in the university that I just graduated from...on Tuesday. This isn't some fancy corporation, clever start-up company or progressive private design agency. Just when I thought I was done with Princeton, I get draaaagggggged back in.

But while the notion was gut-wrenching and terrifying at first, I've come embrace the it. I'm lucky enough to be employed and making some money, will get some experience doing real design projects...and will get my fair share of organizing photographs and xeroxing, I assume.

To celebrate this twofold momentous occasion—my graduation from college and the beginning of a new career path—I've decided to start a web log and share my experience. I hope that what follows will be interesting, informative, fun, and enlightening.

If it isn't, that's for you to know and me to ignore.


  1. yea charlie!

    the collective daves

  2. We're supporting you, cuteness! Keep up the good work!

  3. Good, you can make the graphic identity not suck