Monday, June 15, 2009

Regarding a few reviews of "Up"

I really liked Pixar's new movie "Up." Of course, I'm easy to please if there are lots of colorful balloons, large birds that squawk, or dogs that remind me of my own basset hound named Gus.

But I don't really care about my own opinion. I'm interested in seeing what everyone else thinks, comparing their critiques—however valid or unfounded they might be—to my own take.

Not surprisingly, Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a 98%. The page is filled with lauded praise over the movie's wondrous charm. However, I checked who thought the movie was "rotten" and found this review by Armond White for the New York Press.

Apparently, Mr. White did not like the movie. He criticizes how over-romanticized some of the scenes are and how sickeningly unrealistic and unhinged from reality other parts are, accusing Pixar of monopolizing the animation industry and taking it in the wrong direction. The arguments against his line of thought are obvious and well documented in the articles comments section, so I won't bother.

A few people just think White is just "trolling," or taking advantage of this opportunity to give a good move a bad review to stir emotions. If this is the case, he's succeeded. Intrigued, I did a search for "armond white up" and found this article, a back and forth discussion about the review and what White could have been trying to do. Is White just saying that he wants Pixar to step their game and start giving some more depth to their flicks?

There was also this article, that tears apart the review piece by piece and even features some of the author's favotire reviews from White's original post.

First, go see the movie. Then decide what you think. Then, think about Armond's review. Get back to me.

See there UP preview here:

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