Monday, September 14, 2009

A Closer Look: Piles of random crap

As I've mentioned previously, I have a ton of stuff in my room. Apparently, all this "stuff" can check in any time it likes, but it can never, ever leave.

The breaking point came when unpacking from this summer. After the car was unloaded and everything was upstairs, I paused and looked around. The situation was more dire than I had thought: everywhere I looked, there were piles and groups and messes of random crap. Thankfully, my camera was in my pocket so I documented the experience, and have annotated the pictures to communicate the severity of the situation. I identified many problem areas, but here are four in particular.

PROBLEM AREA #1: Top of bookshelf full of crap

PROBLEM AREA #2: Desk with lots of crap

PROBLEM AREA #3: Random bowl of crap

PROBLEM AREA #4: Laundry basket full of crap

NOTE TO CONCERNED PARENTS: Since preparing this post, I have since cleaned my room, and continue to do so. In sharing these photos, I hope to embarrass myself enough to never, ever let this happen again.

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