Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: No longer "stuck in the bubble"

I lied; this isn't actually breaking news, it happened last week!

At times it felt like it would never come: the official end of four years in Princeton, closing a whirlwind education/work experience that began in September 2005. But despite my fears and anxieties that I might not make it out alive, or at least with my sanity, I have safely returned home to Connecticut. I've got some new roommates, and they're great because they cook, clean, mow the lawn, even pay the mortgage. They also bear a frightening resemblance to my parents...

My biggest fans are probably nervously wondering if I'll keep going with this silly little blog, whose title, "Stuck in the Bubble," refers to a seemingly irrelevant condition. Not to worry, friends. I have tackled this minor metaphorical dilemma:

1) I have changed the blog's subtitle.

2) I have redefined the phrase "Stuck in the Bubble" as a more global condition. Where at one it meant "I just graduated from this school and now I have to stay and work here for three months?!" it now reflects the simple idea that we can't avoid being part of some sort of "bubble." It could be social, romantic, professional, or recreational, but being "stuck" is the recognition of a seemingly immobile, static lifestyle. Recognizing we're stuck just gives us a broader perspective of our situation, and provides us with the insight to better choose the next bubble to get stuck in.

The whole "moving back home" thing has not been as bad, or embarrassing, as I thought it would be. Three months ago, if you had told me this would happen, I would have requested a time machine to go into the future to punch myself in the face. But I have to admit that the privileges of living with family who are generous enough to pay for food and lodging and provide vehicular transportation is much appreciated, after taking care of costs (and lacking vehicular transportation) on my own this summer.

Also, I don't consider myself "unemployed" (yet?) because I've ended one job and am transitioning to the next. The phrase "between opportunities" would be a more appropriate way to describe my situation, because I am working tirelessly to decide on where to get stuck next.

For now, it's the Branford bubble, but I'm going to make the most of it while I can. The Search, as I refer to it, rages on, especially now that summer has "officially" ended with Labor Day behind us. That being the case, I might actually stand a chance at receiving replies to all of those email inquiries I sent out, and get to meet everyone that said they're "not in the office much in the summer."

Tactful, aggressive networking and personal marketing commences NOW.

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