Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lala iPhone app even closer to official release?

On September 23, the following message was posted on Lala's Beta Feedback discussion forum:
If you would be interested in beta testing a Lala iPhone app, please post back and let us know.  We're keeping a waiting list of interested members.

This is an official Lala employee (we are able to tell by the blue "Lala" badge next to her name), and the post *hopefully* confirms that the Lala iPhone app is getting even closer to an official release. This comes months after TechCruch released this video of the app in it's earlier stages.

Access to the Beta Feedback discussion forum, which allows users to comment, receive feedback and suggest new features, is available to registered Lala members who have requested to be a Lala Beta tester. Being a Beta tester works a lot like Gmail Labs: you get access to a special tab in your profile settings that allow you activate features that haven't been implemented globally. Right now, this includes features like Last.fm scrobbling and keyboard shortcuts for playback.

What do you think? Is this a major selling point for Lala's service? Will it help them bring in lots of new business? Would it be overshadowed by a US release of Spotify, or—hypothetically—if Apple was savvy enough to release an "Lala-esque" version of their iTunes software?

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  1. Nice....I've been waiting for this app to come out for a year.

    I hadn't checked the beta feedback section in a while. If not for your post, I probably wouldn't have even known about the beta testing.

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