Thursday, July 9, 2009

On blogging, and why you're reading this

I'm not trying to keep this blog a secret, but I certainly don't think it'll make me famous. I tell people about it hoping they'll check it out and read what I write, but when they ask "What's it about?", my most recent response is "stuff in my life and things I find relevant in the world."

A "blog" is just a place where you can publish yourself for free. Anyone can see it, read it, copy it, and comment, if you allow. But there are thousands and thousands of blogs, and new ones being started everyday. With those kinds of numbers, how do you decide which ones to read when there are SO MANY to choose from? That's easy: you go with what you know, and you go with what you like.

If you're reading this, you probably found this blog from me telling you in (1) an email (2) an away message (3) a tweet or (4) my Facebook status. You probably know me personally in some respect, family, friend, co-worker, etc.

Essentially, I'm the reason you're here.

It's easy to say that blogs fuel narcissism, that they give people who love attention the chance to put themselves out there. Sure, but some people like to share, and in general, we enjoy knowing what our friends are doing. Undoubtedly, blogs have the dangerous potential of fueling self-indulgence, and as a result, IMHO, you have to give your audience a justifiable reason to read.

My audience is family and friends, and the content will be both personal and impersonal. The personal stuff will be pictures from things I've been doing and places I'm going, a diary of my experiences and is as much for me to look back on as it is to share with others.

More importantly, however, the "impersonal" posts will be things I find "culturally relevant" in today's world, articles, images, sounds and videos that I think are worth sharing. The subject matter will cater to my interests, of course, but I'll make every attempt to shape those interests around things that I think people will enjoy reading about.

In the end, my hope is that my friends and family will continue to read to learn about intriguing points of culture, as well as what's happening in my life. The "internet" is the ultimate tool for learning about what is going on around the world, and I'm fully engrossed and fascinated by the wealth of information available. Keeping it for yourself is pointless, however, as it is meant to be shared and discussed. This is a place for to me present my angle on all of it in hopes that others will find it interesting and learn more.

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  1. im reading this because you are more interesting than me .... or to antagonize your every post!