Monday, July 6, 2009

Fin de la Blog Hiatus: A near near-death experience

(Because one of my biggest pet peeves is people apologizing and giving excuses for not keeping up to date with their blogs/sites, I won't give any flowery explanation for the silence. I've just been busy, but I've got a backlog of things to post. Get exciteddddd.)

I spent my "fourth" in NYC seeing friends, fireworks, and going crazy, and sort of almost died. Driving back to the apartment after a dinner of Pho Bang in Chinatown, our cab decided to accelerate into the a cab parked on the side of the road, resulting in a violent fender bender where the fender of the other cab fine and our cab's front-left side got destroyed. Here's the photo:

Let me answer some of your questions right off the bat:

1) Yes, we're all fine.

2) No, we're not going to sue.

3) Yes, we're sure we're not going to sue. Please see #1.

4) No, we didn't wait two hours for the cops. It would have been at least 2 hours for them to arrive with all of the 4th of July festivities going on.

5) OBVIOUSLY we didn't pay for that cab ride.

6) Yes, Mom, we're actually fine.

7) Yup, we took two more cabs that night.

8) No, I don't know what that liquid stuff pouring out from under the car is. Yes, it might be least that's what the girl on the sidewalk that screamed "GET OUT OF THE CAR!" after impact thought it was. We promptly acquiesced to her request. (thanks to Chris for the inquiry)

The funny thing was that when I got into the cab, I pulled the seatbelt across myself, but then said outloud "Nah, what am I doing?!" (Subtext: "Cab drivers are the best drivers in the entire city! Am I right?!")

I guess I can mark off that square in my game of "Bingo: The Crazy, Unpredictable and Unexpected Life Experiences Edition"?

Photos from the weekend.


  1. i will never forget this day. crazy adventures w/friends are just epic.

  2. i almost got hit by a car walking home the other day! some dude in a suburban talking on his cell phone took off to make a left turn where i was strolling across the street (with a walk sign). when i realized he was not slowing down i jumped out of the way and then he swerved. needless to say my adrenaline was pumping for a couple blocks. didn't tell mom about that one though...

  3. i'm guessing that it was just water from the radiator, which is clearly cracked

  4. @CB Ha, ya, it probably was just water, but it did look pretty oily on the road and it's more fun to assume that it's gas and that the car was about to explode.