Monday, October 5, 2009

A healthy musical mantra for our world today

Since graduation, the future seems scary. No longer does fall mean the beginning of a new school semester, and no longer does summer mean a short internship that you can brag about later on. This is the real deal.

And while it's scary, it's exciting. Maybe that's why this song has held a special place in my ear for the past few months. It's the first track called "The Rain" off Calvin Harris' new album "Ready for the Weekend." Undoubtedly, it's got one of the healthiest musical mantras you could ever hear, especially for someone like myself who's in the process of making "big decisions."

You just get this line:
These are the good times in your life
So put on a smile, it'll be alright

over and over. And if that doesn't make you happy, then there's nothing else I can do for you. Listen and get all jazzed up.

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  1. first, love that song. second, how did you embed that?? loving lala more and more